Giant Engineering people


Our team are reliable and skilled, meet them here.


Terry Lemon

Since 1997 and the forming of GIANT Engineering, Terry manufactures equipment and works closely with clients from the rubbish collection and sacrapmetal companies. GIANT Engineering also has an extensive knowledge of hydraulics and electronic control systems.

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Kristen Jacka - Office

Kristen comes from a background of personnel and marketing, currently she looks after product marketing at GIANT Engineering.

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Glenn Gillett - Workshop

Glenn is a trade certified fitter and turner who also holds several qualifications in fabrication and welding. He has a strong background and understanding of the manufacture of equipment having specialised in the fabrication of products for the scrapmetal and rubbish collection industries for the past 10 years.


Joel Newman - Workshop

Joel holds certificates in welding and fabrication and has recently accepted an apprenticeship with GIANT Engineering.


Paul Harrod - Workshop

Paul has a sound background and good understanding of mechanics and carries out our completed units and hydraulic fit-ups. He also holds various drivers licences so GIANT Engineering can offer pick up and delivery service to their clients.