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Our Recent Fire

As most of you now know we had a major fire the last week of August 2009, possibly caused by an electrical fault in our front office. It totally destroyed the office area with us losing most of our records, drawings and some personal items. The fire really didn’t get to the workshop but the heat did some major damage to plant and hand tools, what the heat didn’t get the fire crews foam got.

We would like to thank all of you that offered equipment, time and goodwill while we got shifted and up and running. As of the 1st September 09 we are in 19 Anvil, just across the road from the old factory and everything is business as usual. Phone, fax, email are all the same.

Just remember when you back up computers (everyday) take the backup home or put it somewhere safe, we didn’t but only lost approximately 6 weeks of records due to a recent computer upgrade. Make sure you have good insurance, take a good look at what you would lose if it all burnt down tonight.

Thanks again Terry, Kristen, Glenn, Joel & Paul.


Hamilton 400 April 2008

Giant Engineering Ltd supplied all the tow trucks and decks, the specialised equipment for lifting in the crash barriers. The whole team from Giant attended and had a great time at this event.